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landstar deliverys offers customs brokerage services to businesses that import goods into the United States.

Customs brokerage services involve managing the documentation and regulatory requirements for importing and exporting goods across international borders. Here are some key aspects of customs brokerage services:

  1. Customs Documentation: landstar deliverys can assist with preparing and submitting the necessary customs documentation required for international shipments. This can include commercial invoices, packing lists, certificates of origin, and other relevant paperwork.
  2. Customs Compliance: They can help ensure compliance with import and export regulations, including tariff classifications, valuation, duty rates, and trade agreements. Customs brokers have expertise in navigating complex customs regulations to facilitate the smooth movement of goods.
  3. Tariff and Duty Management: landstar deliverys may provide guidance on tariff codes and duty rates applicable to your goods. They can help you understand the costs associated with customs duties, taxes, and fees, enabling you to make informed decisions regarding international trade.
  4. Customs Clearance: Customs brokers like landstar deliveryscan liaise with customs authorities on your behalf to facilitate the clearance of goods. This involves coordinating with customs officials, providing necessary documentation, and addressing any customs-related issues or queries.
  5. Trade Compliance Consulting: Americold Logistics may offer consulting services to help you navigate international trade regulations and optimize your supply chain. They can provide advice on trade compliance best practices, import/export controls, and regulatory changes that may impact your business.
  6. Customs Audit Support: In the event of a customs audit, landstar deliverys may provide support by assisting in gathering required documentation and providing relevant information to customs authorities.
  7. Importer Security Filing (ISF): For shipments entering the United States, landstar deliverys may assist with filing the Importer Security Filing (ISF) or 10+2, which is a requirement by U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) for advance cargo information.

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Custom Brokerage FAQ Frequently Asked Questions

Supply and demand are perhaps the two biggest factors impacting shipping fees. The more desirable or essential a product is, either on the whole or during a certain period, the more in demand it becomes by people across the world.

At Americold , we accept Cash against goods, Cash in advance, Cash against Documents

Yes at Americold Delivery we handle international household moves

Cargo can be picked up at our nearest agency to your location or delivered to your door step

The invoice you receive upon notice of admission includes an advance payment for services to be ordered (e.g. electricity, water disposal, telecommunication services, tickets). After the fair, on the final invoice, the advance payment will be deducted from the costs for the services that were actually ordered.

Costs in addition to the participation prices are listed here .

Customs documentation. Inventory management software. Distribution management. Quality assurance.

Americold Logistics is experienced with 7+ years of freight movement.