Ocean Freight

Americold Logistics offers ocean freight services to businesses that need to move goods across the ocean. Here are some of the key aspects of their ocean freight services

Ocean freight refers to the transportation of goods by sea using cargo ships. It is a cost-effective option for transporting large volumes of goods over long distances, especially for international trade. Ocean freight services typically involve the following steps:

  1. Booking: The shipper or freight forwarder contacts the ocean freight carrier to reserve space on a vessel for their cargo.
  2. Documentation: Various documents such as a bill of lading, commercial invoice, packing list, and customs forms are prepared to comply with regulations and facilitate the movement of goods.
  3. Cargo Consolidation and Containerization: If the shipment is not large enough to fill a full container, the freight may be consolidated with other shipments to optimize space utilization. The cargo is then loaded into containers for secure transportation.
  4. Customs Clearance: Prior to departure, the necessary customs formalities and documentation are completed to comply with the import and export regulations of the relevant countries.
  5. Transit and Tracking: The cargo is loaded onto the vessel, and the vessel sets sail. Throughout the transit, tracking systems allow shippers and consignees to monitor the progress of their shipment.
  6. Port Handling and Unloading: Upon arrival at the destination port, the cargo is unloaded from the vessel and undergoes customs and security inspections.
  7. Inland Transportation and Delivery: Once the cargo is cleared by customs, it is transported from the port to its final destination, often by truck or rail.

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Ocean Freight FAQ Frequently Asked Questions

Supply and demand are perhaps the two biggest factors impacting shipping fees. The more desirable or essential a product is, either on the whole or during a certain period, the more in demand it becomes by people across the world.

At Americold , we accept Cash against goods, Cash in advance, Cash against Documents

Yes at Americold Delivery we handle international household moves

Cargo can be picked up at our nearest agency to your location or delivered to your door step

The invoice you receive upon notice of admission includes an advance payment for services to be ordered (e.g. electricity, water disposal, telecommunication services, tickets). After the fair, on the final invoice, the advance payment will be deducted from the costs for the services that were actually ordered.

Costs in addition to the participation prices are listed here .

Customs documentation. Inventory management software. Distribution management. Quality assurance.

Americold Logistics is experienced with 7+ years of freight movement.